NRL Supercoach is just hours away from starting and by now your teams should be starting to come together. Like every year the team you had before Team List Tuesday looks very different now. Even though we had our first Team List Tuesday there are still some tough questions Supercoaches need to answer. Just a few are:

1. Do you play Tom Trbojevic or is he too expensive?

2. Will Ryan Papenhuyzen start the season?

3. Who are the best cheapies to start with?

4. What players could make you some money?

I will give my answers to the questions above, however only you the player can decide what is best for your team. You will see how my team changed below from the one I had selected prior to Team List Tuesday.

Now here is my team.

The Producers

HookersReed Mahoney ($594600) Coming back from injury for the Eels but has looked ready to go in the trials. For me the pick of the Hooker this season. Chris Randall ($245500) Due to injuries at the Knights Chris looks like he will get the starting Hooker role. Due to the lack of rookie hookers he maybe the best cheapie hooker.

Front RowPayne Hass ($595800) Best front row forward in the game and a Supercoach beast. Even if the Broncos do poorly, he will score well. Junior Paulo ($487600) Out replaced by Addin Fonua-Blake ($505000) Big strong forward from the Warriors who likes to play big minutes and get involved in game. Will captain the Warriors while Tohu Harris is out injured. Tepai Moeroa ($205100) Out replaced by Jamayne Taunoa-Brown ($274700).Starting for the Cowboys and fingers crossed makes some cash. Josh King ($255800) Starting Lock in Round 1 for the Storm by will be a bench player Round 2 onwards.

Second Row David Fifita ($745200) Out replaced by Jai Arrow ($457700). Moving to the edge for the Rabbits and may see a rise in minutes and points. Tevita Pangai ($569900) Out replaced by Eliesa Katoa ($353600) Mid-price player for the Warriors who will start in Tohu Harris position until he returns. Liam Martin ($428500) The loss of Kurt Capewell could open a starting spot for Liam at the Panthers. If he starts, he will be in my side. My bench is Heilum Luki ($351500) Good young forward who could be ready to take the next step. Could be very good value if he starts and plays big minutes. Beau Fermor ($379300) has got the starting 2nd Row spot for the Titans. Can often find a way to score tries. Kelma Tuilagi ($253900) won the 2nd Row starting spot for the Tigers and for the price a must have.

Halfback – Mitchell Moses ($511100) With Nathan Cleary out I think Mitchell is great value. The Eels start of the season is not too tough and when he is kicking goal he scores pretty well. Brad Schneider ($188700) has taken over as the half for the Raiders and is nearly a must have.

5/8Kurt Mann ($383300) Out replaced by Lachlan Illias ($205200) I decided to go with 2 cheap 5/8’s this season. It’s a risk. Talatau Amone ($284500) Another player that will depend on if he is named Round 1. He has looked pretty good in the trials but is at a tricky price.

Wing / CentresEuan Aitken ($486000) Has been playing in the 2nd Row for the Warriors. I’m still not locked in on him as there are so many good cheapies. Kotoni Staggs ($433100) Out replaced by Jesse Ramien ($552900) often beats the first tackle and scores very well. Jordan Pereira ($266500) Out replaced by Zac Lomax ($496800) great player who can score and set up tries. Goal kicker as well so bring on the points. Will Penisini ($255700) Great price for a good player. May have games with low scores but will have some good scores as well. Izack Tago ($287900) Good price for a player who looks like he likes work. Has looked good in the trials. Cody Ramsey ($268900) Looks like he has a wing spot for the Dragons. Not based price but if he scores a few tries his price will rise. Sean Russell ($285400) starting winger for the Eels at a good price.

Fullbacks – I went the easy and safe option with my fullbacks by selecting the common combo of  James Tadesco ($760100) and Ryan Papenhuyzen ($694700) Both these players are guns and nearly must haves.

That’s The Producers as they sit right now. I have currently $26000 in the bank.

Good luck with your Supercoach teams.

The Producer

Twitter – @TheProducer05