Kittle Rashford Lyon Politics

Pies and BS in the studio for the second last show of the year.

In the NFL there’s still life in the Rams season after a stirring win against Seattle. The 49ers and Saints played a classic with San Francisco coming out on top. Both teams look primed for the playoffs. And the Chiefs beat the Patriots.

The three test series between Australia and New Zealand kicks off this week with the day/night test in Perth. Can New Zealand bat well enough for long enough to challenge Australia?

Liverpool and Leicester keep winning while Manchester United did Liverpool a huge favour beating City in the Manchester Derby.

Valvoline Raceway are trying to get relocated sooner rather than later. Hopefully dirt track racing in Sydney doesn’t disappear while they find a new home.

In Rugby League Pies tried to have a Latrell free week, but The Producer had other ideas. Not only do we cover the latest in the Latrell saga. We get political and cover everything from the national anthem at the all stars game, to Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd and ScoMo.

0:00:00 – NFL
0:30:00 – Cricket
1:04:00 – Soccer
1:14:00 – Motorsport
1:22:00 – NRL
1:35:00 – Politics

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