Mug of Coke

We’re down to the business end of the World Cup. Recorded before the semi finals, but encountered technical difficulty in uploading. Have a listen to see how close the boys were to predicting the Final. And can we pick the winner of the whole thing with only 4 contenders? Also stay tuned for one of the best or worst Stat Attacks in history depending on where you stand.

The NRL sucks.

We put out some feelers on social media and received a few questions. Have a listen to what is burning up the listeners of Bats and Balls Podcast.

Pies played his first Masters module of the season at Merrylands Oval on the weekend. Recap the game vs Katoomba Austral and relive the delights of Masters Chef.
The Tour de France has begun. There’s been some small carnage already and a debutant taking on the sprint kings.

0:00:00 – World Cup
0:33:30 – NRL
0:59:20 – Questions and Masters
1:20:30 – Tour de France
1:27:20 – AFL

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