Team Sky

Episode 155 – Silence Is Golden

In a cruel twist of fate, The Producer has a lot to say and no voice to say it. Pies and Big Zacko manage to get through the show with ease with The Producer merely pushing buttons.

Colbee joins us to present Pies his Black Shorts and to preview the upcoming split Masters of Rugby League module at Mittagong and Merrylands.

The World Cup is into the Quarter Finals. The draw appears a little lopsided, but it’s the World Cup and we never know what will happen in the knockout phase. Can England actually win it?

The Tour de France departs on the weekend and the boys are looking forward to 3 more weeks of sleepless nights. All the big names and a few stages to keep your eyes on over the course of the race.

Plus the NRL, AFL and basketball. Including the all in brawl betweek Philippines and Australia.

0:00:00 Masters of Rugby League
0:15:40 – World Cup Football
0:44:20 – Tour de France Preview
1:12:10 – NRL
1:35:30 – AFL
1:44:00 – Basketball

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