On this episode the final episode of Bats and Balls Podcast for the year 2022, Josh and The Producer go through Majsport, Running, NFL, Cricket, Soccer World Cup and finish off the year listening to prediction made for the year 2022 and then listening to the Highlights and Lowlights of 2022 and then prediction for 2023.

Majsport and the AMG Cup hit Round 10 at Road Atlanta and The Producer had some issues in the last minute of qualifying which cost him a spot in GP1. The Producer was in GP2 while Maj who qualified 15th overall was in GP1. That is it for the AMG Cup until the new year. Check out Majsport on the link below. Make sure you subscribe to Majsport to stay up to date.


In the NFL the divisions are starting to sort themselves out on the run to the playoffs. Pies Giants are still a chance while The Producers Rams after selling the farm to win the last Superbowl are really struggling with many injuries.

All the talk was about the Brisbane pitch after the first test against South Africa. Josh and The Producer didn’t think the pitch was that bad and batsman technique (or lack of) was more the issue.

In the Soccer World Cup Messi finally get to hold the one trophy he has been after when Argentina defeated France in one the greatest World Cup Finals there has been. It had everything.

Then Josh and The Producer look back at 2022 and the predictions made in this show last year and play the Highlights, Lowlights and 2023 Predictions to end the show.

Thank you again for listening to another Year of Bats and Balls Podcast. Please have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year and we will back with you again for 2023.

0:00:00 – Majsport, AMG Cup
0:25:00 –Running
0:28:00 – NF
0:34:00 – Cricket
0:51:00 –Soccer World Cup
1:05:00 – Predictions

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