Bats and Balls Press Conference

The coronavirus has shut down all major sports. Pies and The Producer are in isolation. But thanks to the wonders of the NBN, we’re still pumping out shows.

We recap the first two weeks of the NRL. Celebrate the Eels being on top for at least the next two months and probably longer.

The AFL only managed to play one round in front of no fans before shutting down. Richmond and the Giants looked good. Port Adelaide lead on percentage going into hibernation.

We touch on the A-League, EPL and the NBL decision to award the title to Perth Wildcats.

And then we look ahead to the future. Covid-19 won’t stop us bringing out shows. So we’re going into history mode and reviewing years through a sporting lense. Stay tuned to our social media for updates. And if you have a favourite year you’d like reviewed, hit us up.

0:00:00 – NRL
1:02:00 – AFL
1:33:00 – Soccer
1:36:00 – Supercoach
1:49:00 – Other Sport
2:09:00 – The Future is The Past

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