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Pies is in Moore Park paying his respects to the Sydney Football Stadium before it gets demolished. So in his place is new/old team member Nathan. Nathan has been watching every sport in the world lately so he’ll fit right in.

First up is Big Zacko via satellite talking NFL. The Rams got stopped by the Bears. And the Giants can’t even tank right. The scene is set for the big clash between the Giants and Titans this weekend.

We have Swainy on the line to recap the Spring tour of Europe and to talk up the future of Rugby in this country.

We recap an eventful first test in Adelaide. The Aussies almost pulled off the miracle win. But it probably didn’t deserve it and the final margin flattered the top 6.

Nathan brings back some much needed Darts talk. Plus heaps more with NBA, NBL, EPL and more.

0:00:00 – NFL
0:31:00 – Rugby
1:11:00 – Cricket
1:36:00 – Darts
1:44:00 – Basketball
1:49:00 – Premier League
1:52:00 – Other Sport

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