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Is Episode 164 the last ever? What could happen to force one member of the team to walk out? Can the other two members carry the show without him? Will he ever come back? All those questions and more will be answered in this explosive episode of Bats and Balls.

The NRL threw up a few surprises forcing Pies to eat a big piece of humble pie and apologise, not for the last time, to the Panthers and Dragons. Can they keep the roll on going next weekend? And can anyone stop the Roosters and Storm from the inevitible Grand Final?

In the AFL Pies and The Producer are happy as their teams won. Can the Giants head to the MCG and win three straight to claim the flag? Can West Coast remain fit and win a Prelim Final at home and book their place in the GF?

The NFL finally kicked off and we have a very special guest on the line. Our Crazy Canadian mate Cookie calls in to discuss the match up of the week Tennessee at Miami! Can the Browns build on their strong start to the season? Are the Rams really the best team in the NFL? Can Tom Brady survive the season?

So many questions. Only one place to find most of the answers.

0:00:00 – NRL
0:44:00 – AFL
1:12:00 – NFL

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