Flame Thrower

Big Zacko and Pies have cracked it after one game and couldn’t be bothered turning up. Colbee fills the void and returns with a whole new set of names to mangle. If it wasn’t bad enough for Sione Katoa to have a broken jaw, now he gets to hear Colbee talk about him all episode. Join us on this rollercoaster of pronunciation which includes such greats as Andrew McCullough and Viliame Kikau.

Plus Brendan and Colbee discuss this season of Masters of Rugby League, Supercars, Test Cricket in South Africa and of course how bad Colbee is at Supercoach.

0:00:00 – NRL
0:42:00 – Masters
0:52:00 – Supercars & Cricket
1:07:00 – Supercoach

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