Seeing as Pies and Brendan haven’t been past 112 before, Big Zacko takes over and runs the show as part of his Second Year Project.
Robbo joins us in the studio and Seamus is on the phone to recap the Bats and Balls Cup Masters game. Pies rates the Waratahs food offerings in the latest segment of Masters Chef.
Robbo and Zac recap the Tour de France.
Plus all the results and tips from the NRL and AFL.
And among all the injuries and suspensions, we have to get ready for the Supercoach finals with very few trades left.

0:00:00 – Bats and Balls Cup
0:28:00 – Tour de France
0:47:00 – NRL
1:39:00 – AFL
2:00:00 – Other Sport
2:09:00 – Supercoach

AFL Championship Belt page not available as suggested in the show

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