For the first time in 8 years we are asking for your help.

Interest rate rises are starting to bite and we need a little help to keep the show on the air. For as little as $3 a month you can show your support and become a Patron of Bats and Balls Podcast.

The Tiers

$3 Supporter

Supporters like the show and want to show that with a small monthly donation. You’ll also get access to any bonus patreon only podcasts we put out. However random and sporadic they are.

$5 Member

As financial members you have put your money where your mouth is and you deserve to be heard by the board. Guaranteed correspondence covered on each podcast. If you write to us, we’ll air it. You still get access to any sporadic bonus episodes. And we’ll send you a stubby holder on signing up.

$10 Fanatic

Fanatics not only buy their memberships. They’ve got all the jerseys and travel to the away games too. You love us so much you actually tell a friend to listen.

In addition to the benefits of the other tiers, you’ll have Executive Producer credit and the opportunity to come on air whenever you’ve got something to say. If that’s every episode, you’re welcome to it. You’re a Fanatic!

We’ve tried to keep it pretty simple. We’re still working out the finer details of the bonus episodes. But you shouldn’t be signing up because there’ll be more content. Really, we’re just asking for a little help to keep the lights on. If you sign up for $5 or more we’ll send you a stubby holder on sign up.

Thanks for your support.